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23 August
I am a 29 year old female with 17 years of experience, living at the Jersey shore. I've been a union electrician for over 20 years, yes i could check your shorts, (but I'd really rather not) and a massage therapist for about the same amount of time. But I do that for bartering or making a little extra money. I like learning new things on my computer, reading, bowling, walking the dog, watching tv. Oh, and this...

The Gospel According To Jane......

This was my first banner. I love it! Thank You rusted_halo for that!

Oh and I like this too...

And thank you nuclearfootball for my fairy Wilson

Again, from nuclearfootball, my favorite pixal Wilson's
Jane Rocks!!!

And christikat has the right idea

Some Hotness From vicodin_martini

My Most Favorite Parts of HughLaurie....

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